Mobleap Mobile Advertising

Mobleap is the largest mobile ad network in the Netherlands. With Mobleap you reach your targeted audience on all major platforms and mobile devices. We offer you the opportunity to place your ads within a very wide selection of mobile sites and apps. Mobile advertising campaigns aimed at concerned consumers to increase your online sales, to send more customers to your website or to build your brand in top websites and applications with innovative ad formats. This way you approach your target audience in a direct and effective manner.

Mobile Internet usage continues to rise

Currently, more than 1 billion people worldwide are using mobile Internet. We work with smartphones, tablets and other portable devices to read the news, to use apps or to play games. It is expected that in 2015 approximately 3.8 billion people will use mobile Internet, which reveals a great market.

Why mobile advertising?

Mobile advertising offers 43% higher conversion by your target audience in a direct and effective way. You also get about 80% higher CTR and a 15% lower CPA, so you can advertise in a cost-effective way.

Do you want to start a mobile advertising campaign directly?

Request now a client login or let Mobleap Mobile Advertising take care of your advertising campaign.

Mobleap benefits

  • Advanced Targeting
  • 230+ Countries
  • Rich Media Ads
  • Leading Technology
  • Personal Accountmanager
  • Easy SDK's for

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