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Analysing and reporting mobile ads

Mobile ads contribute to your sales, brand awareness and loyalty of your customers. But, what is the exact role of mobile ads in this? Where you previously were depended on information you receive afterwards, you can now keep track of your mobile ads in real-time.

Analyse your results live

The professional statistics system Mobleap Mobile Advertising offers you the opportunity to keep track of the results of your mobile ad live. Both during and after your campaign, you can see how the ads are doing and what they can actually deliver. Example, you can see how the users of the different providers respond to your ads and at what time of the day users really use their device. So you know exactly who is responding to your ads and when they do, to further optimize your campaign.

Extensive reporting

Mobile ads via Mobleap offer you an answer to some very important questions. So you know what geographical area is responding best to your ads and at what time of day and which providers and mobile platforms do well. Of course you will also receive information about the publishers that gives you the best results, so you can integrate this information in your further campaign. This way you can adjust your mobile advertising in time and benefit optimal from the online mobile capabilities of Mobleap.

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