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Learn to make a powerful design for your mobile ads

Mobile advertisements are displayed on relatively small screens, so they are viewed with a high degree of focus. Make sure that your ad quickly attracts the attention and stimulate the user to react.

The correct language

The success of your mobile ad depends on the right use of appropriate textual expression. Make sure you get the attention of the user with approximately the first five to ten words. Only such a short sentence is worth reading and fits within the extreme focus that users of mobile devices apply.

The right design

In addition, ensure that the design is attractive, but simple. It should be immediately clear for the user from who the advertiser is, what you offer and how the user can get there.

Analyse the results

Make sure you keep track of the results of your ads can and keep comparing them. Performing a split test is excellent for fit, so you finally can choose from the best performing mobile advertising. To make your ads more powerful and to place them in a unique way, you can make use of rich media ads. These include the famous flipping corners on web pages. You can use it in combination with a click-to-SMS, click-to-call or click-to-download to dramatically increase your conversion rate.

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