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Mobile Advertising is the future

More and more people are using their mobile devices these days for searching and buying products on the internet. But many company’s haven’t anticipate on this mobile development. That is a mistake, because searching and buying products on your mobile device will be the future.

Facts about mobile internet use

Many researches show that mobile internet use will become bigger than internet use on laptops and computers. The number of searches on mobile devices will exceed the number of searchers from laptops and computers in approximately in 2016.

In a survey of more then a 1000 Smartphone and tabelts users, 65% have said that they use or would like to use their devices for browsing on the internet. This number shows how big mobile internet already is and that it will be even bigger in the near future.

Make it easy for your customers

Multi- tasking, everyone knows what it means and many of you do it yourself. Many customers use their devices while they are on the go. They check their social media and browse on the internet to search for information. People live in a rush, everything goes fast nowadays. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile use it takes too much time for customers to find information and then they drop out. Time to create a mobile friendly website for your (potential) customers.

About Mobleap

Mobleap is one of the few specialists in mobile internet. We stand for clear communication and effective advertising. We also stand for increasing conversion and awareness. With Mobleap you are able to create your own mobile advertising campaign, but we will help you to increase your reach, awareness and conversion.

After all these facts en benefits, still not really excited about mobile advertising? You can always call one of the specialists from Mobleap and get more information about mobile advertising. You will notice then, there is no way out!


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