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Your mobile ad strategy

Mobile ads are most successful when there is a clear strategy behind it. Just like in your offline and online marketing mix it is important to set the right goals and to work towards it in a structured way.

Learn to understand mobile advertising opportunities

First, it is important to understand mobile ads can be seen as a separate part of your marketing mix. Many companies consider it as a part of their online marketing, but that is an important mistake. True, mobile advertising and online marketing both work via Internet, but they offer complete different possibilities. It is important to keep that in mind. Think about your target group and specific details like for example which type of smartphone they use and when they use it most and what is their exact location.

Be realistic and rely on facts

Within mobile advertising strategy it is also important to think carefully about the fact that mobile ads offer new opportunities, but you first have to understand it properly in order to take full advantage of it. By using the complete measurement system of Mobleap Mobile Advertising, you can rely on facts and then make the right decision. Only when your strategy for mobile ads is devised rightly and you rely on the objective data, then you can complement your online marketing mix in a good way with mobile ads.

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