Mobile advertising

Mobleap offers you the largest mobile ad network in the Netherlands. With more than 50,000 mobile sites and apps connected, you will benefit from a huge range. You can start your own campaigns, to jump in on the rising use of mobile Internet on smartphones and tablets.

Why mobile advertising?

Users are very enthusiastic about mobile Internet and cannot live without it. They use social media, shop online, watch the news and play challenging games. The focus on the device is one of the main elements. Users maintain continuous interactive use of the mobile device, whereby the conversation ratio appears to be higher than that of other online advertising formats. Besides, mobile advertising gives you the chance to create a new source of income and simple brand awareness.

Advantages of mobile advertising

Choosing mobile advertising means opting for a much higher conversion ratio, as more users are focused on your ad and are ready to take action. Moreover, the cost per click (ECPC) is much lower and the click-through ratio (CTR) actually higher. This all stems from full attention to the mobile screen, where your ads will be shown. It has the additional advantage that the user can take action right away and make a purchase, start a download or a conversation with you or one of your employees. Mobile advertising offers comprehensive possibilities and reinvents completely the online advertising, something you can take full advantage of now.

Do you want to start a mobile advertising campaign directly?

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