Mobile ad formats

Several ad formats offer you endless opportunities that suit your needs and the message you want to spread. Mobleap can show all possible ads you can imagine to attract the attention. Then you can choose which desired conversion you want with the aid of using click-to-SMS, click-to-call, click-to-buy, click-to-download or click-to-video.


A mobile display ad will be displayed in a page wide format. Once you have drawn the attention, you can illustrate your action directly or choose one of the conversion options.
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Display Expandable

A display expandable ad flips out from a display ad, to fill half or the whole screen.
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With a prestitial you choose for a page filling mobile ad. This ad will be shown for example, prior to the initiation of an app.
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Video Ads

Video advertisements are particularly well suited for the creation of brand awareness and in combination with various social media.
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Rich media

Rich media mobile ads allow you to advertise in a creative way on any place on the mobile website and in any shape or size you can imagine.
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Text Link Ad

The Text Link Ad is the ideal step to your landing page. You draw the attention of the mobile user with a maximum of 24 characters of text.
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Mobleap benefits

  • Advanced Targeting
  • 230+ Countries
  • Rich Media Ads
  • Leading Technology
  • Personal Accountmanager
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