By targeted mobile advertising you achieve the best results. Mobleap helps you to determine your specific target group in order to tune your advertising activities. We are looking forward to take together with you a look at the location, gender and provider of your audience.

Targeting on location

By targeting on location you choose for mobile advertising in specific countries or regions, or even based on very specific GPS coordinates. This way you make sure that you speak the same language as your target group in a very efficient way.

Targeting by demography

To determine the gender of your target audience or other demographic variables such as income or age, you ensure yourself to create a good oriented campaign. Mobleap helps you in targeting the right audience, so your mobile ads will yield optimal results.

Targeting by brand or provider

Mobleap helps you also to take into account of the brand or the provider your target population use, because that affects their advertising experience. We take this into account effectively and thus we ensure your mobile app appeals to the audience in the right way.

Targeting by time and day

Your mobile ad becomes really effective when you present it at the right moment. We gladly help you to find the most relevant and therefore interesting moments in the day. Advertise in a given month or specific in the evening, for optimal results.

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